Ronaldo Bicycle Kick Against Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo produced one of the most spectacular Champions League goals of all time this week. His incredible bicycle kick at Juventus stadium left fans and commentators speechless.

Ronaldo is used to being jeered by opposing fans, so for a man who has achieved so much in his career, it was a new thing even for him to find the whole stadium rise to applaud the goal.

What They Said

“It’s a joke. He’s in a relentless pursuit of greatness… it’s a moment of brilliance.”
Rio Ferdinand

“It is unnatural. People are talking about how Ronaldo is getting a bit older now – but there is nothing wrong with that body if he can do that sort of thing. The timing of it is extraordinary, the imagination to do it is extraordinary.”
Pat Nevin

“It was a nice goal. But he should try it from 40 metres.”
Zlatan Ibrahimovic