Players’ Football Apps – Modern Day Greats Who’ve Gone Mobile

We all know that football these days is full of egos. Some players prefer to be judged on their bling, fast cars, celebrity girlfriends or social media followers rather than what they do on the pitch. And some have taken it a step further, by having their own app!

Yes it’s true. Not content with being on just about every advert you see on TV, footballers are now deciding to take up even more of your time by asking you to install them on your mobile phone as well. But what’s even more unbelievable is that many fans are actually doing it!

Who Needs A Football App And Why?

There are plenty of apps that we reckon have a genuine use. Live scores direct to your phone for example, is something that every fan would want. If you’re into football betting, then there are plenty of apps you might want. These might be bookmaker’s football apps like these, or ones that give you all the stats and team news to help with your selections.

You might also want to stay up to date with the news, so something like this, the BBC Sport App, would be understandable.

But who honestly needs to know what Lionel Messi had for breakfast? That crosses the line between useful stuff and a complete waste of everyone’s time. Nonetheless, some people seemingly do care.

Messi App

Yes it exists, the official Lionel Messi app. Install this on your Android or iPhone and you too can get all the latest “minute by minute” news (about Messi) as well as all the stats and fixtures (involving Messi) and even earn loyalty points (for showing your devotion to Messi).

If you are a sad voyeur with nothing better to do than cyber stalk a person you don’t know and will never meet, then this is clearly the must have app for Christmas this year.

Ronaldo App

Now obviously what Lionel has, Cristiano will want as well. But he’s gone one better. With the Ronaldo “kick and run” app you don’t just get to follow your hero, you get to actually (pretend to) be him! Yes you too can stare at your phone all day and transport your consciousness into the vain, preening body of your hero.

It is only a game to be fair, and rumours that level 3 involves polishing your own statue and posing in front of the mirror for a few hours are still unconfirmed. That’s because nobody is vain enough to have completed level 2 yet, and the programmers aren’t letting on.

So there you have it. We’ve spent the last 10 years being spoilt in footballing terms, being able to watch two of the best players of all time go head to head on many occasions. But just in case you don’t remember them for their football, you can remember them for their mobile apps instead. That’s if you don’t delete them off your phone when they retire of course!